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Living more sustainably, whether it be at home, while travelling, or at work, has a whole range of obvious benefits for the environment.

There are also a range of personal benefits, such as; saving money through lower energy bills; improved health through being active; making greater connections with your community; and, growing your knowledge and skills. There is also the personal satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes from doing the right thing, working for a common good and inspiring others.

Broader benefits include a cleaner and safer environment that provide attractive neighbourhoods, accessible transport options, and more time that we can share with our family and friends. It is benefits such as these that help provide an improved quality of life.

Below are some key Council Resources which can be downloaded to assist with understanding Council's work in Sustainability.

In addition to this website and other Council resources, there are lots of other environment focused websites that discuss topics like energy and global warming, water, waste, transport and air quality, and native plants and animals. The website links below are Council's recommendations to start searching further afield.


Be Sustainable

Create an action plan to help achieve your personal sustainability goals.