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Noble Park Aquatic Centre

Project Overview

The Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC) provides the community with a well designed multipurpose facility which offers a diverse range of aquatic, sporting and recreation opportunities to all sections of the community with in the City of Greater Dandenong.

The redevelopment of NPAC, is estimated to save over 2 million litres of water a year and use 25 per cent less energy due to a host of environmentally sustainable initiatives.

A key feature is the reuse of an existing 50 metre pool shell to store rainwater harvested from the aquatic centre’s rooftop. This provides the site and surrounding reserves with approximately 700,000 litres of rainwater storage and reuse for irrigation, toilets, cleaning and other municipal uses. In addition, greywater recycled from showers and basins will be use to irrigate the surrounding sports fields and landscaping.

Project Measures

In addition to the ESD measure for water the project incorporates several other sustainability initiatives including:

  • a gas fired co-generation system providing electricity and heating
  • 30 solar panels on the roof to cater for facility demand and solar hot water heating
  • walls and roofs insulated and rated well above BCA Section J minimums
  • out of hours pool covers to help conserve water and power
  • light sensors and dimmable fittings
  • motorised louvers on the façade
  • high performance double glazing
  • natural lighting throughout to reduce reliance on light fittings.


WS - 1.1
Mains Water
Reduce Council’s corporate mains water consumption.

Installation of a 700KL rainwater tank in the new Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC).

CE - 1.1
Carbon Emissions
Reduce Council’s CO2e emissions from street lighting, buildings and facilities

Installation of LED lighting at Noble Park Aquatic Centre.

CE - 1.2
Energy Efficiency
Reduce the energy consumption of Council assets – includes buildings and street lights

Installation of LED lighting at Noble Park Aquatic Centre.

BP - 1.2
ESD – New Buildings
New Council buildings designed, constructed and operated to meet best practice Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) standards

Construction and Operations of the Noble Park Aquatic Centre, which incorporates best practice ESD.

Be Sustainable

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