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Lighting Up Greater Dandenong

Project Overview

Council has switched over 5320 old and inefficient mercury vapour street lights to modern energy efficient LED technology in the last 12 months, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions savings of 1974 tonnes annually. This project is the largest energy reduction project in the Council’s history.

The new technology installed is expected to produce greenhouse gas emissions savings of 39,484 tonnes over the next 20 years. In addition, a total of $7.43 million will be saved over the 20-year period through reduced energy and maintenance costs.

The installation of the new LED street lights has also resulted in safer lighting and stimulated the Australian economy through the choice of Australian made and owned products and services.

The payback period of the new LED street light installation is approximately seven years. 

Project Measures

The lower energy consumption and lower greenhouse gas emissions provided through the new LED lights, provides better lighting outcomes for the community, including:

  • a greater uniformity of light across and along Greater Dandenong’s streets
  • better colour rendering and visibility
  • less depreciation of the light output over time.


CE - 1.1
Carbon Emissions
Reduce Council’s CO2e emissions from street lighting, buildings and facilities

Reduction of 39,484 tonnes of CO2

CE - 1.2
Energy Efficiency
Reduce the energy consumption of Council assets – includes buildings and street lights

Reduction of energy consumption by 77%

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