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Imagine a city where people of all ages and backgrounds can reach their potential, gain the skills and education they need for success, and be part of a resilient, sustainable and prosperous economy where trade, manufacturing and business flourish.

Greater Dandenong is recognised as an economic hub for Melbourne and Victoria. 30% of jobs within Greater Dandenong are in the manufacturing sector, with the broader region generating 42% of Victoria’s manufacturing output. There is a population catchment of over 1.3 million people that live within a 20km radius of Central Dandenong, emphasising the economic importance of its location and reinforcing its position as the capital of the south east region.

Council has established a range of objectives for the Local Business and Economy Theme. These objectives will help attract investment in green enterprise, help support locally based sustainable businesses, encourage local businesses to improve their own sustainability practices and sustainable business model and help provide green employment and skill development opportunities for residents.

BE - 1.1
Professional Development
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BE - 1.2
Fair Trade
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BE - 2.1
Green Investment
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BE - 2.2
Operation and Efficiency
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BE - 2.3
Manufacturing and Resources
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BE - 2.4
Education and Skills
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BE - 2.5
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Be Sustainable

Create an action plan to help achieve your personal sustainability goals.